Should I Use the Shop My Insurance Recommends?

An insurance company will usually recommend a specific shop for you to get your damaged car repaired, but always remember that you are not required to use the shop chosen by your insurance company; you can decide to use a mechanic that you trust and know, or a new one you have researched on your own.

Insurance companies may have contracts with specific shops, forming an agreement that oftentimes may save both sides some money – this may or may not be beneficial to you as well though. A lot of the time, the reason for their working relationship is primarily familiarity: working together frequently and trusting each other’s processes can be very helpful!

Having said this, any shop that is good at what they do will calculate all that is needed to correct the damage without stress and will do it quickly. The customer should not have to wait an excessively long time to get their quote for damages. Good shops also should have a vast knowledge of how to handle insurance claims and provide their clients with a warranty of some sort on repairs done.

When an accident occurs always know that it is your choice who you want to repair your car. If you agree to use the recommended shop and you are not happy with the repairs made, you can continue to communicate with the shop until you are satisfied and have a lesson learned for next time.


There are benefits in using a shop recommended by your insurance company; They are sending you to someone they trust will perform the repairs in a satisfactory way. It is also sometimes easier to contact the shop in case there is any problem during repairs.

There are also negatives to this approach. If you have a shop you have used before, or know and trust, or even have researched and want to try, you may be more comfortable going there! Just know that you have options.

We at Quebedeaux Collision stand behind our work, and want to make sure you know that after an accident, regardless of where your insurance tries to send you, the choice is yours alone! Do your own research, read reviews online, and make an educated decision that makes you feel comfortable.