OnStar Smart Driver – Buick’s Driving Improvement System

As part of General Motors’ OnStar Basic Plan, owners of 2015 and newer Buicks can opt-in for the OnStar Smart Driver system. OnStar Smart Driver is designed to gather, analyze and display driving-related information.

The system analyzes the main driving patterns and behaviors that normally lead to increased wear and tear, lower fuel economy and increased risk of accident. Among other factors, OnStar Smart Driver displays data about hard braking and hard acceleration events, high-speed driving, late-night driving and average mph and fuel economy (mpg).

The data is recorded automatically by sensors, and the results are displayed on the OnStar website. Access to the information is granted via an individual username and password. Drivers can then check their ‘Driver Score,’ which takes into account all the factors analyzed by the system. The score can be sorted by day, week or year. There is also the possibility of checking out a lifetime driving score.

Buick owners can also compare their score with the total aggregate of the other drivers participating in the program.

Taking advice from OnStar Smart Driver

As well as generating statistic results based on collected data, the Buick OnStar Smart Driver system will also provide advices and tips for a driver’s behavior behind the wheel.

For example, hard braking events will be reduced if the driver slightly reduces the average vehicle speed or maintains a higher distance between the car in front. This will help the driver to brake more safely. The final result is extended brake pad, brake rotor and tire life, as well as increased safety.

Another way to use OnStar Smart Driver to improve driving behavior involves awareness of high-speed driving percentage and hard acceleration events. As it is expected, driving and high speeds produces a lower fuel efficiency. Hard accelerations also create a surge in fuel consumption. When the driver reduces the percentage of high-speed driving and keeps a light foot on the gas pedal, fuel efficiency will automatically increase.

It is statistically proven that late night driving leads to more car accidents due to fatigue and reduced concentration capabilities. OnStar Smart Driver system makes the driver aware of the amount of late-night driving he or she has done and provides recommendations on how to smartly avoid it and thus reduce the chances of a fatigue-induced accident.

Insurance Discount Eligibility Program

Customers of OnStar Smart Driver program have the option to enroll in a risk-free Insurance Discount Eligibility offer. By scoring higher in driving behavior, drivers can qualify for insurance premiums discounts without actually having any personal data sent to insurance companies. A great driving behavior, as analyzed by OnStar Smart Driver can generate up to 30% in insurance discounts.

Availability of OnStar Smart Driver

OnStar Smart Driver system is available with the OnStar Basic Plan. The plan is available for 5 years after delivery of the eligible vehicle from 2015 and newer. For extra services such as Emergency, Security and Navigation, a paid plan is required and can be purchased OnStar.com. If you own a 2015 and newer Buick, or are considering your next automobile purchase, keep this fantastic analytic tool for driving in mind! Buick is helping to lead the way in driver awareness and vehicle safety with this fantastic program.