Why You Should Fix Small Scratches, Dings and Dents on Your Car

We can all agree that a brand new car is beautiful. The unblemished, freshly-painted metal shine under the sunlight is the pride and joy of every new car owner. Even used cars, when properly maintained, can seem to be a work of art to the new owner – but something as small as a dent or a scratch on the car can really deflate you. In addition, scratches and dents can do a lot more damage than just be an eyesore. A small ding can lead to a bigger problem if it is not seen by a professional. Here is everything you need to know about dents, dings, and scratches.

Free Ride for Rust

You may or may not pay much attention to a small scratch or a ding on your car. But you should know that a ding that you consider insignificant can be just the beginning of rust growth on your vehicle. Here’s why: a car is a delicate piece of machinery that runs so smoothly because all the components work in tandem with each other. In case the paint chips off or a car surface is dented, this creates an imbalance. Why? Because these components were supposed to protect the internal machinery of the car from the weather. In case of a ding or a dent, the internals are exposed and the moisture can crawl in and cause rusting. As a car owner, you already know that rust kills the machinery.

Compromised Safety

A dent is usually not considered a safety concern. But, it can still be important to check out. The impact that caused the dent or the ding on your car could have shaken up the delicate balance between the different machinery in your vehicle. This, in turn, could have resulted in some internal issues as well. It is not wise to risk your safety just because you want to save a trip to the auto body shop – the smartest thing to do is to have your car checked. Once you get your vehicle checked, you will at least safely know whether or not immediate action is required.

Lower Resale Value

This is quite straightforward. All things being the same, which one would you pay more money for – a flawless looking vehicle or a dented one with noticeable scratching? You already know the answer. Spending money on long-term car maintenance is a very important expense – it should be seen as an investment that will fetch you a better resale price later on.

The Snowball Effect

When you have a damaged car, you can become a little more careless while driving. The fear of denting the car is, for some reason, not as great once there is already some damage. If you have a ding on the bumper, another scratch may not seem as bad as it would have beforehand. This can snowball into more dents and more scratches if you are not careful to make all repairs as they happen. To prevent such a situation, you have to make sure that you get small dents and paint scratches corrected as soon as possible!