Transportation Trends: Scooters and their Impact

Large cities are looking at numerous ways to improve their traffic issues. One of the latest trends that can be found in Phoenix and other significant metro areas across the United States is the incorporation of electric scooters.

Companies like JUMP, Lime, and Bird Rides are using electric scooters to create micro-mobility opportunities when short-term urban commutes are necessary. It is cheaper than using Uber or Lyft, and this option doesn’t require too great a level of physical fitness like a bike-sharing program.

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Self-Driving Semi-Trucks to Hit the Road in Phoenix

Self-driving automobiles have already made an impact on Arizona’s streets and highways. According to Waymo, Google’s project behind the self-driving vehicle, self-driving semi-trucks equipped with this technology will begin driving in the Phoenix area for testing.

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Market Trends for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles and battery powered electric vehicles were supposed to disrupt automobile industry. So, have they lived up to the hype? Not just yet. To effectively make a ‘huge splash’ in the marketplace, hybrids and electric vehicles need to increase their aftermarket product impact by biting onto a larger share of the United State’s new vehicle market. Read more

Top Vehicle Recalls of the Year

Here’s something every car owner should pay attention to – an updated list of top vehicle recalls 2019. Read on and find out if there is an active recall on your vehicle.

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Photo Radar Ticketing in Arizona

Photo radar tickets – what are your thoughts on them? Well, most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about speed cameras or photo enforcement cameras so long as we follow traffic rules and stay within the speed limits.

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Checkup on the Future of Self-Driving Cars

There is a lot of talk about self-driving cars in the media these days, and not all of that is positive. On the contrary, there is a great deal of apprehension about autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars.

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Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly! This holiday is a celebration of family, togetherness, and a show of appreciation for all the good things we are blessed with in our lives. A high percentage of Americans will be traveling on Thanksgiving, and especially on Black Friday the day after. We stay put for a while when we get there, which makes the roads relatively easy in urban areas at the least, but a lot of Arizonians will be driving on the road to their dinner or weekend destination.

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Right of Way Laws in Arizona

Right of way laws are absolutely essential as they help people drive safely. These rules have more to do with basic courtesy and common sense than anything else. Right of way laws in Arizona apply not only to car drivers, but also to cyclists, bikers and pedestrians.

Here’s what you should know about the right of way laws in Arizona.

You cannot insist on taking the right of way. The law does not state who has the right of way. It states who must yield.

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What is Arizona Lemon Law?

“Lemon” is a term used to describe a car that seemed perfectly normal when it was purchased, but ended up giving you lots of problems soon after that. It has already been in the shop half a dozen times or more in the short time you’ve had it.

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GMC is Changing the Way You Drive

GMC’s Wireless Charging

One of the goals of mobile phone technology in recent years has been to reduce the need for adapters or cables. GMC wireless charging makes your driving all the more convenient and enjoyable as you can now charge your phone without plugging in. You just need to simply put the device to be charged on top of the charger – that’s it! Please see GMC’s official article release for more information on the technical explanation for how this works – if you don’t care for the technical terminologies, just know that this is one more way GMC is staying a step ahead of the curve and bringing the most advanced technology to you.

Many phones now possess wireless charging capabilities in their hardware only and are getting popular as well. Any wireless charging accessory that makes use of PMA 1.0, WPC 1.1, or WPC 1.0 charging standards are adaptable to GMC’s wireless charging technology.

So, go ahead and adopt GMC’ wireless charging technology for being free of any worries regarding charging of your phone or using Internet while driving.

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