A Word of Caution About Keyless Ignitions

Keyless ignition systems first began appearing in vehicles in the 1990s, with a surge of interest in the early 2000s. As with most new features, it was the luxury models and high-end cars that received them first. If you owned a Mercedes-Benz S-Class during that time, then you were an early adopter of this technology.

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Limit the Speed of Semi-Trucks

Bipartisan Senate Bill to Limit the Speed of Semi-Trucks

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. want to make the highways safer in the United States through a bill that would limit the speed of semi-trucks. Bipartisan legislation is under consideration that would create an electronic limitation for all vehicles that would limit them to 65 mph.

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Distracted Driving by Generation Statistics

If you drive anywhere, then there is an excellent chance you’ve been distracted behind the wheel. We multitask in this environment so often that some distractions don’t seem problematic. Using GPS, changing the radio station, or getting something to drink all increase the risk of a collision. Read more

Congress Considering Adding Rear Seat Warnings

During the average year in the United States, 38 children die from a heat-related death because they are trapped inside of a hot vehicle. Although there is the occasional story of a child accidentally locking themselves in a car, this outcome is usually due to a parent, guardian, or caregiver forgetting that there are passengers in the rear seat or thinking that their stop will be quick enough that it will be ok.

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Arizona has Finally Banned Texting and Driving

Arizona has finally joined 47 other states in making it illegal to text and drive. With the passing of this law, signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on April 22, 2019, Missouri and Montana are the only states left where it is still allowed. This law not only prohibits texting, but also talking on the phone unless the driver is using a hands-free device.

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Common Car Seat Setup Mistakes

Sometimes even very experienced parents or caretakers can make mistakes in car seat setup. It’s important to double-check and remain ever-vigilant as the child grows that the car seat is always fitted properly to their bodies. Here we outline the most common mistakes made by parents in their daily car seat usage with their children.

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The Problem with Driving Slow in the Left Lane

There are two types of drivers on the highway: Those who really hate it when people are driving slow in the left lane, and those who drive in the left lane all the time regardless of speed.

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Driving in Different Weather Conditions

We typically have it pretty easy here in Arizona as far as weather and driving go, but when it rains, or when you go up north to see the snow in the winter, driving is very different, and potentially dangerous road conditions when you aren’t used to them can be a real challenge.

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Trailer Towing Safety

Whether you are moving or going on a road trip, or even just require a trailer for your work, it is important to be aware of trailer towing safety. There is a right and a wrong way to attach and operate a trailer, and many different pieces of the puzzle to consider when doing this for the first time, or if you need a refreshed and haven’t done so in a while.

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How to Secure a Load in a Pickup Truck

Whether you own a truck or not, it can be handy to know the right way to tie down and transport materials, especially considering sometimes people will borrow a vehicle for moving homes or moving furniture. Knowing the best way to secure a load in a pickup truck is a handy skillset to have.

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