A Word of Caution About Keyless Ignitions

Keyless ignition systems first began appearing in vehicles in the 1990s, with a surge of interest in the early 2000s. As with most new features, it was the luxury models and high-end cars that received them first. If you owned a Mercedes-Benz S-Class during that time, then you were an early adopter of this technology.

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Limit the Speed of Semi-Trucks

Bipartisan Senate Bill to Limit the Speed of Semi-Trucks

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. want to make the highways safer in the United States through a bill that would limit the speed of semi-trucks. Bipartisan legislation is under consideration that would create an electronic limitation for all vehicles that would limit them to 65 mph.

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Manual Transmission: Where It Sells and Where It Doesn’t

It used to be a rite of passage for parents to teach their teen drivers how to use a manual transmission. You could hear the grinding of the gears during the weeks of driver’s education as young drivers worked to coordinate their feet with their hands.

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Self-Driving Cars without a Safety Driver Allowed in Florida

Beginning on July 1, 2019, Florida law allowed autonomous vehicles to operate without the presence of a safety driver. This shift permits the state to stand out from California or Arizona, who are currently leaders in the self-driving industry.

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Distracted Driving by Generation Statistics

If you drive anywhere, then there is an excellent chance you’ve been distracted behind the wheel. We multitask in this environment so often that some distractions don’t seem problematic. Using GPS, changing the radio station, or getting something to drink all increase the risk of a collision. Read more

Different Types of Auto Window Glass

One of the best emergency tools that you can keep in your vehicle is a glass breaker. If you get trapped in your car during an emergency, it gives you the option to go through the window.

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Craigslist Now Charges $5 for Car Listings to Curb Scammers

Craigslist became a web-based service in 1996, initially featuring local events for the San Francisco area. It started expanding into different U.S. cities beginning in 2000, and it now offers classified listings in more than 70 countries.

When Craig Newmark started this venture, his goal was to help people get to know interesting social events. As the number of subscribers began to grow, the risk of scammers using the site for their benefit increased as well.

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What is the Destination Fee for New Cars and Why Has It Risen?

Have you ever read the list of fees that come with the purchase of a new vehicle? There are several additional costs that you may see dealerships adding to the MSRP of the new car that you want. Depending on the make-and-model that you purchase, everything from gap insurance to an extended warranty can add thousands of dollars to your final financing package.

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Transportation Trends: Scooters and their Impact

Large cities are looking at numerous ways to improve their traffic issues. One of the latest trends that can be found in Phoenix and other significant metro areas across the United States is the incorporation of electric scooters.

Companies like JUMP, Lime, and Bird Rides are using electric scooters to create micro-mobility opportunities when short-term urban commutes are necessary. It is cheaper than using Uber or Lyft, and this option doesn’t require too great a level of physical fitness like a bike-sharing program.

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Car Care Tips: Fluids You Should Check Regularly

One of the most important and often overlooked car care necessities are your fluids. There are three main fluids that you should really try to keep an eye on yourself, if you feel comfortable checking, or that you should have your mechanic check regularly.   These fluids help your vehicle function well, and can prevent major damage if maintained correctly. Here’s an overview of three major fluids to check regularly in your vehicle:

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