How the Arizona Heat Affects Tires and Air Pressure

The average temperature year-round in Arizona is around 75°F, and it gets way hotter during the summer. Here, we will discuss how the dry heat affects tires. Also, we tell you how the heat increases tire pressure and why it is important to monitor the level of pressure in your cars to avoid a tire blowout on the freeway.

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What to Do if Your Car Overheats in the Summer

It’s summertime in Arizona, and you know what that means. Not only does it make a lot of our regular daily activities pretty annoying, the sun and the heat also take a big toll on your car. It’s becomes much easier for your car to get overheated at temperatures of 90°F and above. Is there anything you can do if your car overheats in the summer, or to make sure that your car continues to run smoothly in the heat?

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driving on the 4th of july

Driving on the 4th of July

It is estimated that when driving on the 4th of July holiday weekend, about 37.5 million Americans will be hitting the roads. The more travelers on the road means an increased chances of accident. It is important to be extra aware while driving on the day surrounding this holiday – be aware of vehicles on the shoulder with flat tires, lockouts, or dead batteries, and be cautious of other drivers to avoid accidents. See below for a list of recommended do’s and don’ts in preparation for holiday travel.

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Comparing Roadside Assistance Plans

Any roadside assistance you choose should cover you, the person, no matter where you are or what car you have with you – not just one specific vehicle. It should be flexible enough to suit your specific requirements and comprehensive enough so that you’re not left with large out-of-pocket expenses after the breakdown, for the services desired.

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What to Do if You Lose Your Car Keys

This is not something that comes up or is mentioned too frequently in daily life. Have you ever considered what you would have to do if you lost every key that you had to get inside and operate your vehicle? Obviously the first thing you will want to do once you realize that they are missing is to retrace your steps very carefully with a flashlight if it is dark, and immediately in the light if it is not – try to look multiple times just in case! If you still have no luck, think about who you can ask that may have had your keys turned in – the local police department has a property division, which is where any lost property is sent if turned into an officer. It is worth calling the non-emergency number to ask there. If you were in a public place like a park or grocery store, speak to management or the park office.

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GMC is Changing the Way You Drive

GMC’s Wireless Charging

One of the goals of mobile phone technology in recent years has been to reduce the need for adapters or cables. GMC wireless charging makes your driving all the more convenient and enjoyable as you can now charge your phone without plugging in. You just need to simply put the device to be charged on top of the charger – that’s it! Please see GMC’s official article release for more information on the technical explanation for how this works – if you don’t care for the technical terminologies, just know that this is one more way GMC is staying a step ahead of the curve and bringing the most advanced technology to you.

Many phones now possess wireless charging capabilities in their hardware only and are getting popular as well. Any wireless charging accessory that makes use of PMA 1.0, WPC 1.1, or WPC 1.0 charging standards are adaptable to GMC’s wireless charging technology.

So, go ahead and adopt GMC’ wireless charging technology for being free of any worries regarding charging of your phone or using Internet while driving.

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Cost to Insure Different Vehicles

The very first thing you should do after buying or leasing a vehicle is to get it insured. This is required by law.  Car insurance helps cover the vehicle owner financially in case of an accident, both for damage to the vehicle and medical needs of any individuals involved. Have you ever considered the cost to insure different vehicles? This can vary greatly depending on a lot of different factors.

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Speeding and Penalties in Arizona

We all know that you should always drive at a speed that is reasonable and prudent. This is all the more important given harsh weather conditions here, like dust storms, which can leads to lower visibility.

Generally, speed limits are posted on most roads in Arizona, but when there are no posted speed limits, the speeding laws come into effect. Have you ever wondered about the specific speeding and penalties in Arizona? Learn more below!

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Choosing the Right Car Seat

If you are a parent, you know that protecting your child in the car is your number one priority while driving. Having a good car seat is essential to prevent your child from sustaining injuries – they can even prevent death in case of an accident. They’re also required by law, though the specific law varies depending on the state. Arizona requires that children under 8 years of age, and less than 4’9” tall use a child restraint device. There are a lot of different car seats on the market; let’s help break it down for you.

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Buick Enjoys Rising Sales in the First Quarter of 2018

Make way for the brand offering a luxurious range of vehicles to its esteemed clients worldwide! With a strengthened 2017, Buick has made a mark for itself with a rising sales chart in 2018’s first quarter. The brand that has been offering class and efficiency to its clients for many years now is seeing a great return this year. Buick has also just launched its new range of Regals and is coming out with an updated Envision for 2019.  Read more