Determining Who is at Fault in an Arizona Car Accident

We all know how common car accidents are; there are thousands in Arizona alone every year. As our population and tourist industries continue to grow, it is more likely than not that traffic and therefore accidents could increase as well. The state has taken measures lately to try to create laws to help fight distracted driving, including the very recent ban of texting while driving. Hopefully these measures will help, but it is best as always to be prepared in the event an accident occurs with you, and to know where your rights stand within the law and who your insurance company will hold at fault.

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Common Car Insurance Mistake

We all want the best price when it comes to car insurance, but you need to be careful that you have the correct coverage that you need, and that you don’t do anything that may jeopardize this coverage. Here’s a look at 5 common car insurance mistakes made by people and how you can avoid them.

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When to Change Your Air Filter

Most of the time when you get an oil change, the mechanic will check your air filter and recommend it be changed. But how do you know if you actually need that, or if they are just trying to upsell you? When is the right time to change your air filter?

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Ways to Improve your Driving Skill

We can generally agree that there are some drivers on the road that could certainly improve on their driving skill. There’s nothing you can do for them specifically, but what you can do is to improve your own driving skills and improve your focus and concentration when on the road.

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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

There is a lot more to car maintenance than most people put into it; let’s explore some of the most common car maintenance mistakes drivers make when it comes to maintaining their vehicles and what to do about it. Read more

How to Change a Headlight Bulb

You know how important your car headlights are, we don’t need to tell you that. It is very rare for car headlights to go out, but sometimes they do. The headlight bulb could go out all of a sudden and there is little you can do about that – except to change or replace it.

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5 Easy Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

There are a few things that none of us can control – such as the price of gas. There are so many reasons why gas prices are going up – the Venezuelan crisis, unrest in the Middle East, deliberate cut down in production by OPEC nations, etc.

You cannot do anything about that. What you can do, is to take positive steps to curb gas consumption and improve fuel efficiency. Here are 5 easy tips or hacks to help increase fuel economy.

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Difference in Gasoline Grades

When you pull up at a gas station, you’re hit with three choices as far as the gasoline grades. Regular, Plus and Premium: Which is the right one for your car?

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Auto Financing Tips

Are you looking for a car loan? In this article we review some of the common mistakes made by people when getting a loan for a car, and offer some auto financing tips for you to use!

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Market Trends for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles and battery powered electric vehicles were supposed to disrupt automobile industry. So, have they lived up to the hype? Not just yet. To effectively make a ‘huge splash’ in the marketplace, hybrids and electric vehicles need to increase their aftermarket product impact by biting onto a larger share of the United State’s new vehicle market. Read more