gas tanks on different sides

Why Do Cars Have Gas Tanks on Different Sides?

Have you noticed that some cars have fuel tanks on the driver’s side, while others take the opposite approach? Let’s explore why some cars have gas tanks on different sides.

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The Difference Between Diesel and Gasoline Engines

The majority of passenger vehicles driven in the United States use a gasoline-powered engine. If you’re thinking about going to diesel or ever wondered the difference between the two, here is some of the information that you’ll want to know.

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window tinting

Window Tinting and its Impact on Sun

One essential feature that you can find or add-on to vehicles today is window tinting. It’s something we often take for granted because it can dramatically reduce the amount of light that comes through the windshield or other windows.

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engine misfire

How to Diagnose an Engine Misfire

An engine misfire is an issue that you can’t ignore. Not only does it usually cause a loud noise to come from your vehicle, but it can also cause a lot of bucking and shaking.

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What Does Voice Automation Mean for the Automotive Industry?

One of the hottest trends in the automotive market involves the inclusion of voice automation. By pairing Alexa from Amazon and other AI technologies to your car, a simple voice command could raise the volume on your sound system or turn on the cabin lights.

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Most Common Reasons a Car Doesn’t Start

With unnecessary travel discouraged at the moment, there may be longer periods of time between usage of your vehicle. If by chance you go to turn on a vehicle that either gets regular use or has been sitting for a while and your car doesn’t start, this article is meant to give some ideas and options to help diagnose and/or remedy the problem.

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Unique New Car Sale Trends in 2020

Automakers are finding some new and creative approaches to the sales process for anyone who wants to buy a new car. There are a couple of reasons why it has become necessary to rethink the purchasing process. Read more

Summer Car Preparation Tips to Get Ready for Heat

Summer is coming, and it’s the perfect time to give your vehicle a checkup! In this article, we explore some summer car preparation tips that are especially important to observe in Arizona.

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better sound quality

How to Get Better Sound Quality for Your Drive

If you love to listen to music or podcasts while driving in your vehicle, getting better sound quality should involve more than just turning the volume up. There are specific ways that you can create a better audio system in your vehicle with varying degrees of effort and skill required – small changes can go a long way!

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How To Get Your Vehicle Unstuck from Mud

Car tires work better on the road because the surface provides natural traction. If you encounter mud, then the softer, more slippery surface makes it a challenge to move.

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